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Hugh Hines, LtCol USMC (Ret)
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Hi, I’m Hugh Hines and I’m an expert in helping men and women who are over 50 look and feel their very best. I do what I do because I believe that life is better in every way when you look good, feel good and are in command and control of your body. I know because life once wasn’t so good for me.  

Years ago I was entering mid-life with a family, a business, a career as an Officer in the Marine Corps Reserve, 55 pounds of excess body fat, taking three prescription medications, living with sleep apnea and using a CPAP machine at night to sleep.

I was miserable. 

I did everything you typically do to turn things around and nothing worked. 

Over a year went by with little to no progress. 

The Marine Corps wasn’t happy with me. I wasn’t happy with me.

Then I discovered the reason why I wasn’t successful despite all my efforts.

It wasn’t me.

It was the way I thought about the problem. 

Because my thinking was wrong, my methods to fix the problem had to be wrong too.  

The paradigm-shift you are about to learn about has gotten me and into peak condition, while ridding myself of the excess body fat, the prescriptions, the sleep apnea and that lovely CPAP machine. 

Life is good. 

Over 50 and Overweight?