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Build a Strong, Fit, Healthy Body
In Just 20 Minutes A WEEK! Guaranteed.

I work with people who are proactive about taking care of themselves and who believe that their lives are better when they're strong, healthy, energetic and engaged with things they enjoy.

That’s why I help men and women 50-70 years-old get strong.

Strength changes you.

It improves your health.

It improves the way you look.

It improves the way you feel.

It improves the way you think.

It gives you all-day energy.

My process to strengthen you is simple.

Anyone of any age in any condition can do it.

That means you can do it too.

My evidence-based process produces in 20-minutes the improvments that traditional methods require hours to obtain without the additional hassles of changing clothes, showering or dealing with a crowd.

The coaching and supervision you'll get from me every session will ensure that you'll safely get the most from you time, effort and money.  If you've never worked with someone to make yourself better, you'll be suprised at the signifcant difference it makes.

Over time you’ll transform yourself from being:

  • weak to strong
  • achy to ache free
  • tired to energetic
  • soft to firm
  • cautious to confident
  • older than your years to younger than your years

When you make those transformations, your health, your outlook, and life
gets better in every way.

Instead of a future of decline, your future expands.

It’s that simple.

I work only with those who are comitted to being their best selves, who have plans for an ever expanding future and are willing to do what's required to make that happen. 

Transformation starts with taking the first step.

That first step is a telephone call to discuss what you want to change and if I can be of help.

Call me at 828-545-4074 or scroll down and fill out the form below to set up the call.
Hugh Hines
LtCol USMC (Ret)
President, MEDStrength, Inc.
P.S. I've been doing this with men and women for 15 years and the biggest reservation most initially had?

"It's too good to be true."  

I can show you all the research and all the testimonials I've received, but the best evidence is your own experience. That's why I'm willing to invest my time and knowledge upfront at no charge to help you improve. So call or email me when you're ready to take your first step to becoming strong.
Who does this? People like us...
Cynthia Watson MEDStrength Personal Training Client
"...If you are like me and hate spending hours in the gym or simply don’t have hours to spend, then you should consider this program. I am so glad that I did."
Cynthia Watson

It is difficult to believe that you can get a meaningful, results-driven workout in as little as 20 minutes a week! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get in shape but doesn't have time to go to the gym! Marilyn Oshea

What a great experience this journey is! I have engaged in two workout sessions per week over the past 4 months. With these two weekly sessions and new eating habits, I have already lost 30 pounds. Past experiences in regular gyms have never proved productive for me. The MEDStrength program easily fits into my BUSY schedule. I can complete the session in 20 minutes without changing clothes or sweating and then continue my day.
I was skeptical at first but with my results, I always look forward to my next session. I didn’t even have muscles in High I do! My only struggle now is having to buy new clothes and adjusting my diabetes medications to reduced doses. Joe Ruppe

"Being a busy professional, husband and father of three young children, MEDStrength is perfect for my full schedule..."  Jeff Plack

Cheryl Stone MEDStrength Personal Training Client
...On the recommendation of my doctor, I tried MEDStrength. It fit my interest level - once a week for 20 minutes. I figured that was certainly doable. I have now been a MEDStrength client for many
months and am actually really enjoying the time I spend here. I can easily fit the training into my schedule. I don't feel like I have to
live at a gym.  Cheryl Stone

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Asheville Personal Training MEDStrength Biltmore Company

We are proud to be a Trusted Partner of the
Biltmore Company's HealthStyles Wellness Program.

We have been a part of the HealthStyles Wellness Program since it's inception and serve as an exercise option for the Company's employees who participate in the program.