Science And Our Clients Says It Does.

Here’s why…
Since the 70’s the entire fitness industry has been stuck in a paradigm that improving your health and fitness is all about physical activity. No matter what it is: flipping tires, walking the dog, jogging, holding a position, etc. Let’s define “physical activity”
Physical activity is any voluntary bodily movement produced by contraction of skeletal muscle that elicits an increase in energy expenditure.

The idea is that activity burns calories. It does. It just takes a whole lot of it. Way more than you have time for to undo the calories you eat in one typical meal!

Recent research at McMaster University concludes that value you get from exercise has less to do with the time you invest in it than with the effort you put into it. Predictable improvement is produced with a few minutes of brief, challenging exercise. You see, exercise is different than activity.
I was once a typical fat (6’0” 240 lbs.), middle-aged guy taking three prescription medications, dealing with sleep apnea, using a CPAP (aka birth control device), buying pants with a 40” waist and feeling unpleasantly numb for over a decade.
I was an Officer in the Marine Corps Reserve at the time and not only
Exercise is planned, structured, repetitive bodily movement that is performed for the purpose of​​​​ maintaining or improving some component(s) of physical fitness, such as muscular strength and aerobic capacity.
These pants once fit!
The power of effective exercise is your body’s hormonal response to it. Dr. Mark Houston, Director of the Hypertension Institute and Associate Clinical Professor at Vanderbilt University and author of ​​“What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Heart Disease” says that:
was my physical appearance a personal embarrassment; it was a professional one too. Oh, I was in “good shape.” I could run what we call a “first class” physical fitness test for my age. But, Marines lead by example and physically I was a terrible example and it really bothered me.  I tried all the conventional diets there were and spent most of my waking hours obsessing over when I got to eat my next 200-350 calories while sweating in the South Texas heat and humidity as I tried to “exercise” my fat off. I lost a few pounds, experienced a tremendous amount of frustration and continued to be “counseled” by senior officers on my “less than professional” appearance.
     I did my research. As a result, I exercised less. I ate more and proceeded to painlessly lose forty pounds of fat while gaining muscle. The sleep apnea disappeared as did the CPAP machine. I quit all medications of any kind and haven’t taken any (not even aspirin) for many years. I’m stronger than most men and can physically do anything I want to do.  I achieved all this while performing only about 30 minutes of exercise A WEEK and never ever being hungry. My experience ultimately resulted in making my living helping others do the same for the past 15 years. Hugh Hines
“Doing a thousand sit-ups, jogging 10 miles, or practicing yoga every day won’t do the trick.”
He also states that “most doctors and trainers recommend the exact opposite of the desired approach to movement and exercise, one that may actually accelerate deterioration of the arteries and encouraging overall aging, the problem is that the focus is on exercising the heart and burning calories, when it should be on challenging the muscles.”

He adds, “exercise is really about genetic signaling via hormones that elevate caloric consumption hours and even days” after your training session is over. In other words, getting better isn’t about grinding out time with activity, but putting effort into exercise.
The dilemma is how does someone who has never done real exercise before or in years, safely perform the brief, high-effort exercise required to fire up those hormones? That’s where we come in:

MEDStrength Is A Place Where The Science Of Exercise And        Simplicity Meet.

After more than 15 years of research and experimentation, I’ve created a program that safely applies the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of controlled physical stress to your body to elicit a response that holistically improves it.

The stress you place on your body stimulates physical, hormonal and mental responses.

  • Your physical responses will be increased muscle mass, increased strength, increased bone density, increased joint stability, reduced blood pressure, increased metabolism and increased endurance. (1)

  • Your hormonal responses will lead to improved blood sugar management, improved weight management, improved cholesterol ratios, and improved functioning of all the systems of your body. (1)

  • Your mental responses will be relief of stress, clearer thinking, improved mood, and the confidence that only strength can give you. (1)

MEDStrength has been designed to take what has been learned from science and apply it as simply as possible so that anyone, regardless of their age, size, shape or athletic ability can receive in minutes, all the quality of life improvements that traditional exercise required hours to obtain.

My offer to you:

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