A revolutionary way to  get fit and stay fit.

MEDStrength is a place where science and simplicity meet.

Our method is to apply the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of muscular stress to your body to holistically improve it in these ways:  


    Increased muscle mass
Increased strength
Increased bone density
Increased joint stability
Reduced blood pressure
Increased metabolism
Increased endurance



Improved blood sugar management
Improved weight management
Improved cholesterol ratios
Improved functioning
Relief of stress
Clearer thinking
Confidence that only
strength can give you
of all the systems of your body

Coaching brings out your best.

   You will be privately coached each session in our studio. While the equipment may look familiar, how we use it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Our instructors will help you through the process by insuring you perform our Precision Exercise Method™ properly and by guiding you with yoga-inspired breathing and focusing techniques. This is all done in a calm atmosphere designed to increase your focus.

You determine your results.

You'll perform exercises that work your whole body. Seconds of maximal effort produces the same results as hours of sub-maximal effort. It’s the way humans are designed; we exchange effort for time. The key to applying this maximal effort is to be confident that you will not hurt yourself. The Precision Exercise Method™ insures that your maximum effort will be safely executed and you’ll get all you can from that effort. 

Make your body better and carry on with your day.

MEDStrength’s Precision Exercise Method™ allows you to strengthen your whole body in just 20 minutes and you won't sweat. You can do your exercise in the same clothes you go to work in. No need to change, shower, re-apply makeup or any of the other hassles of traditional exercise.

You be you.

The conventional wisdom is that we all must become “exercise fanatics” to live better lives. MEDStrength has been designed to take what has been learned from science and apply it as simply as possible. Anyone, regardless of their age, size, shape or athletic ability, can receive the benefits from exercise without becoming someone they’re not.