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Minimum E ffective D ose:
The smallest dose that will produce the desired result.

MEDStrength is not a gym, or your typical personal training exercise studio. We are the home of the Precision Exercise Protocol, a timed static-contraction, high-intensity resistance training protocol that is a safe, amazingly efficient, way to build muscle, strength and endurance.

The MEDStrength studio is designed to provide you with an ideal training environment:

  • Privacy – during your workout only you and your instructor are allowed in the training area.

  • No Distractions – no mirrors, no music, no phones ringing.

  • Environmental Control – The temperature is kept at 65 degress. This is the best temperature for performing high intensity exercise. A bonus is that you will not sweat. No need for a shower or change of clothing. The studio is clean and orderly.

How does someone with a demanding job and a family with three small children stay in shape? Take  1 minute and watch his 15-minute workout.
How It Works

Your muscles are each composed of thousands of fibers that are divided into 4 major categories. Each category is bigger and stronger than the next with #4 (in my illustration) being the biggest and strongest.  The key to improving your body is to fatigue your muscles from #1 all the way to #4 as safely and efficiently as possible. Most people who perform resistance exercise simply work within the zones #1 and #2 which, while feeling like you've done something, has left the most important work undone!

Our Precision Exercise protocol gets all the way down to #4 within a few seconds.

By placing a load on your musculature and holding it in a fixed position, your muscles begin to fatigue, and you feel the effects. After a few seconds of holding this position you then push as hard as you can. Although nothing actually moves, your force output is displayed and recorded, and you can see the moment your muscles can no longer maintain maximum contraction. You've fatigued your muscles deeply, all the way to #4! This is the stimulus for change. This is when all the good things happen. And it all happens in a matter of seconds.
Imagine that this triangle represents a thigh muscle.
The Performance Of A Real Client

This is a graph (cropped in mobile view) that depicts force output of a 120-pound, 72-year-old woman performing the leg press during only her 10th session at MEDStrength.

She is holding statically, against a fixed end-stop, 130 pounds of resistance (more than she weighs) for several seconds and then exerting maximum force for a few seconds, reaching a peak output of 316 pounds of force. Almost 3 times her bodyweight! While you can't see it on the chart, her effort was going "through the roof," but her force output was going down. She made a demand her body couldn't meet and that's what her body will improve on so it can meet that demand in the future. She gets stronger. Her endurance improves. Her bones get harder. It's also important to note that the high-levels of force/loading used with this modality would be safely unachievable with conventional resistance training.
Progress Chart Of A Real Client

This is the progress chart (cropped in mobile view) of a 59-year-old woman from her initial workout through 11 months of consistent training. This chart reflects one form of progress tracking. It consists of the total amount of force generated while performing the same 7 exercises each training session. Each session she trained, she pushed herself to do a little bit more, effectively setting her body's limits a little higher each session. As you can see, she is over 7 times stronger after 11 months than she was when she first started. By increasing her strength, everything from her metabolism to coordination, to flexibility to bone density, to balance improves.

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Hugh Hines MEDStrength Personal Training Client
Thalia Morris MEDStrength Personal Training Client
“I started MEDStrength over two years ago through a health program at work. After I retired, I thought it was important to continue the sessions to build and maintain muscle mass as I aged. The program has also helped to improve my posture and balance. It is well worth the 20-minute workout each week! “ AdaJo

“I've been going to MEDStrength for over a year now though doing high intensity weight training for 4 years. Hugh's created a welcoming studio and works with me to achieve my strength training goals. Who doesn’t have 15 minutes a week to work out!?!?” Thalia

Rachel Didn't Believe It.

For a long time I have been tired of feeling tired and winded every time I climb stairs! I tried one session at MEDStrength 2 years ago. I was not able to convince myself that just 20 minutes with no sweat would do anything so I did not return.  I decided to give it another shot and then it happened! I  climbed the stairs and before I knew it, I made it to the top without stopping halfway up to catch my breath. This was after only 4 sessions at 20 minutes once a week! I am truly amazed and convinced! It is such a small amount of time out of my day and it works! The stairs prove it!!

I want to be the best I can be and I know I will achieve it with MEDStrength! A big thank you to Hugh Hines and his staff! Rachel Gunther
These pants once fit!
I was once a typical fat (6’0” 240 lbs.), middle-aged guy taking three prescription medications, dealing with sleep apnea, using a CPAP (aka birth control device), buying pants with a 40” waist.

I did my research. As a result, I exercised less. I ate more and
proceeded to painlessly lose forty pounds of fat while gaining muscle.

The sleep apnea disappeared as did the CPAP machine. I quit all
medications of any kind and haven’t taken any (not even aspirin) since 2007. I’m stronger than most men and can physically do anything I
want to do.  I achieved all this while performing only about 20 minutes of exercise A WEEK and never ever being hungry. My experience ultimately resulted in making my living helping others do the same for the past 15 years. Hugh Hines