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What To Expect When You Come In For Your Initial Consultation
People who come to us want all the health and lifestyle benefits that exercise can provide them, but don't want to devote a large part of their life to doing it. They typically don’t have a history of regular exercise, or haven’t done anything in years. Most have never worked with someone one-on-one to make themselves better.

It’s important for you to be comfortable with our process, so here it is:

We’ll meet at the appointed time. You and I will discuss your goals, your commitment to those goals and if our philosophy and recommendations to accomplish your goals are compatible with what you can and are willing to do. If they are not, we’ll part as friends. If they are, the next step is…

…a sample workout. It consists of 3 resistance training exercises. How we do things is different. It’s a controlled environment with exercise being performed in a controlled and focused way. It is not a form of entertainment, competition or a time for socializing. Once you experience it, you’ll understand.

If we agree on what to do and how to do it, the next step is for you to commit to a starting package. The starting package is 6 weeks long. During this period, you will be learning to focus better, work harder, and increase your control. You’ll always be in control of your effort and there will be little to no soreness. Soreness is not required or sought.

After the Starter Package, if you want to continue you have several options.

What To Expect After The Initial Consultation

You’ll establish a set time and date for your appointment or use the MindBody online app to schedule yourself as you wish each week.

When you come in for your workout, you will:

  • Perform only essential resistance training exercises. I’ve selected the very best exercises for results and time-efficiency.
  • Do each exercise briefly. The MED requires only seconds of high effort to produce maximal results.
  • Exercise safely. The key to applying high effort is to be confident that you will not hurt yourself. Our proprietary protocol insures that your maximum effort will be safely done.  Just push to a fixed position, hold and release. Anyone can do it.
  • Exercise privately. There is no audience to inhibit or distract you from your purpose.
  • Be supervised every session. Our experienced instructors will help you safely get the maximum return on your effort by insuring you perform each exercise correctly and with the proper focus and breathing techniques. No raised voices. Just the focused application of effort.
  • Have your program managed properly. Our proprietary resistance exercise system allows us to accurately measure and record your efforts to ensure safe progression.
  • Not sweat. You can do your work in the same clothes you go to work or spend your day in. No need to change, shower, re-apply makeup or any of the other hassles of traditional methods.

Every muscle from ear to ankle is thoroughly worked. You're going to feel better, stronger and more in control just from one session!

You’ll then be given a cup of water, we’ll discuss your workout performance and you’ll be on your way.

That’s it.  

Build Muscle, Bone and Endurance Faster, Safer and Easier with MEDStrength's Isometric Protocol

You’ll be sent a status report on how you’re doing. It looks similar to this:

Doing the things necessary to create and keep a strong, fit and healthy body is as fundamental as brushing your teeth. It becomes a regular part of your self-care routine. It’s becomes what you do and who you are.

If you would like help with this part of becoming your best self, you can email me at or call 828-545-4074 to set up your free consultation.   
This is a year-to-date progress chart for a 59 year old female. No prior resistance training experience.
This is an annual progression chart. The subject is a 137-pound male, who's starting age was 66 and current age is 68. He had NEVER engaged is resistance training in his life and is now stronger than most men his age.
Hugh Hines and Cynthia Watson on Spotlight Carolina.
Dr. Doug McGuff and Hugh Hines in a Channel 39 newstory from my studio in Houston, Texas.