If you bring me a powerful "why,” I'll provide you a powerful "how." - Hugh Hines

At MEDStrength, we know that the increasing weakness that comes with getting older robs men and women of their energy, their health and ultimately their enjoyment of life.

Feeling too tired to do the things you once enjoyed,  your doctor’s warnings about your health markers, weight gain, joint and muscles aches and pains, all make your “golden years” anything but “golden.”

Pretty soon, health problems become your center of attention.

I know, because I was heading down that path like everyone else. I was once fat (240lbs.), taking three prescription medications, and using a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I looked and felt like crap and the future looked pretty dim.

But, I learned to do some simple things that helped me turn things completely around.

The most important thing I learned is that getting older isn’t the problem - getting weaker is.

That’s why we provide a once-a-week, private, supervised strength training session that will make you strong.

Research, as well as my 17 years of helping people, supports that idea that one, high-effort strength training session per week is enough to make you as strong as you can be. 

And when your strong, your health markers improve, your energy increases and you’ll live better than you have in years.
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