If you bring me a powerful "why,” I'll provide you a powerful "how." - Hugh Hines

I was once fat, taking three prescription medications, and using a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I looked and felt like crap and the future looked pretty dim. I turned it all around doing the opposite of the traditional way of losing weight and getting fit:

I exercised less + I ate more.

When I did, I dropped 40 pounds, the meds, the CPAP and the sleep apnea, and I've been teaching others to do the same since 2003.

I train once a week, eat a ketogenic diet and get out and enjoy these beautiful mountains when I can. I continue to meet the Marine Corps height/weight standards and my doc says, "Keep doing what you're doing."  So, it works. 

Over the years I have supervised 23,000+ training sessions with hundreds of people. From the person who has never strength trained before, to the woman who has just had a double mastectomy, to the guy with a knee replacement, to the woman with a double hip replacement, you name it, I've dealt with it. If you are determined to stay strong and active, there's always a way to make it happen.

I've been on both sides of the fitness fence. I can tell you that life is better when you’re on this side. You feel good, look good, and move easily without pain. That makes for an exciting future.

My Isometric Strength Training System is the only one of its type. When done properly, it meets all the physiological requirements for improving mind and body. The system works.

My role as instructors is to help you perform at your best and hold you accountable for achieving what you want.  I do that by ensuring safety, coaching you to maximum effort, tracking and managing progress (and nagging you when it's needed!)

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