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MEDStrength makes you strong.
Growing older isn't a problem - growing weaker is.
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Being Weak Hurts Your Life.

Your appearance & confindence declines.
Metabolism slows
Muscles atrophy
Stooped over
Feeling old
You tire easily.
"I'm tired" is a constant refrain.
You don't feel like doing things you once enjoyed.
Your medical reports get worse.
Body fat
Blood sugar
Blood pressure
Bone density
HDL/Chol ratio
We're ready to help you get strong.
At MEDStrength our once-a-week, private, supervised strength training session will make you strong.
Your strength training sessions are always:

  • Private (so you'll feel comfortable)

  • Time-efficient (no need to change clothes or shower and we're always on time)

  • Scheduled at your convienince (it fits in your day rather fitting your day around it)

  • Supervised (to make sure you do your best and keep you injury free)

  • Self-Paced (ALL fitness levels are welcome)
When you’re strong, you’ll look and feel better than you have in years and can live the full life you deserve.
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What Makes MEDStrength Different.
Watch this short video to learn what makes MEDStrength so different from anything offered in Asheville.
Cynthia Watson MEDStrength Personal Training Client
Cheryl Stone MEDStrength Personal Training Client
It is difficult to believe that you can get a meaningful, results-driven workout in as little as 20 minutes a week! Thanks to MEDStrength I know I can.  Marilyn Oshea
"If you are like me and hate spending hours in the gym, you should consider MEDStrength. I am so glad I did!" Cynthia Watson
I tried MEDStrength after my doctor recommended it. At twenty minutes a week, I knew I couldn't make an excuse for my health any longer. Now I really enjoy my time that I spend here!  Cheryl Stone
"Being a busy professional, husband and father of three young children, MEDStrength is perfect for my full schedule." Jeff Plack 
We make getting strong simple.
Step 1

Call 828-545-4074

We'll talk about what you want and how being strong will help you.  

Step 2

Schedule A Free Session.

We take you through 7 simple to perform exercises that strengthen your whole body. You need to experience it yourself to decide that its right for you.
Step 3

Get Stronger And Feel Better.

Without exception, everyone who does a session feels great afterwards. We're confindent you will too. And don't worry about getting sore, it's not going to happen!

Call For A Free Session 828-545-4074
Meet Hugh Hines
Founder and President

At MEDStrength, we know that the increasing weakness that comes with getting older robs men and women of their energy, their health and ultimately their enjoyment of life.

I know, because I was heading down that path like everyone else. I was once fat (240lbs.), taking three prescription medications, and using a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I looked and felt like crap and the future looked pretty dim.

But, I learned to do some simple things that helped me turn things completely around. The most important is that getting older isn’t the problem - getting weaker is.

That’s why we provide a once-a-week, private, supervised strength training session that will make you strong.

When you're strong, you'll look better, feel better, think better and engage life with a confidence that only strength can give you.

Hugh Hines
LtCol USMC(Ret)
President, MEDStrength, Inc.

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