A revolutionary way to  get strong and stay strong.

Want To Experience My Powerful Personal Training System Yourself?

If you've been wanting to get in shape but have hesitated because you've:

  • never done anything before

  • never worked with someone to get strong and improve your health

  • have some physical problems that are obstacles

  • haven't done anything in years

  • or are wanting to find a way to get more results out of less time

I encourage you to enroll in my Transformation Consultation and Personal Training Session.

It's an appointment me, the owner of MEDStrength. During the appointment you'll gain all the knowledge and skills you'll need to transform your body while investing the least amount of time necessary.

Here's how it goes:

  • You'll arrive and  we'll talk about your situation and what you want to improve.

  • We'll discuss what's getting in the way (i.e. accountabilityly, knowledge about what to do and how to do it, any physical contsraints you might need to work around, etc.) of accomplishing what you want.

  • I'll then take you through my training system, exercising your whole body with 7 different exercises performed 70-90 seconds each.

  • At the end of your training session, we'll review your experience and decide if this is a right fit for you or not.

  • If you want to start, you'll enroll in our Starter Package  (8 sessions for $280) and you'll be on your way to a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier you. If not, we part as friends and you'll have learned a lot about how to make yourself strong.

The first step to transformation is the hardest, so call 828-545-4074 or email [email protected] right now.

I guarantee that the time you spend will be well worth it whether you continue to train here or not.

Hugh Hines
President, MEDStrength, Inc.
“I started MEDStrength over two years ago through a health program at work. After I retired, I thought it was important to continue the sessions to build and maintain muscle mass as I aged. The program has also helped to improve my posture and balance. It is well worth the 20-minute workout each week! “
Adajo Foley

"If you want to continue enjoying life as you age and you want a better quality of life, then  MEDStrength  is the way to go." Carolyn Logan
“I've been going to MEDStrength for over a year now. Hugh's created a welcoming studio and works with me to achieve my strength training goals. Who doesn’t have 15 minutes a week to work out!?!?”   Thalia Morris

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