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Want To Exeperience Our Powerful Personal Training System Yourself?

If you've been wanting to get in shape but have hesitated because you've:

  • never done anything before

  • have some physical problems that are obstacles

  • haven't done anything in years

  • or are wanting to find a way to get more results out of less time

I encourage you to enroll in our Transformation Consultation and Personal Training Session.

It's an individual appointment Hugh Hines, the owner of MEDStrength. You'll gain all the knowledge and skills you'll need to transform your body while investing the least amount of time necessary.

Included in Your Learning Session:

  • Learn how to reshape and firm your body in just 20 minutes week.

  • Experience the revolutionary timed static contractions on 5 different exercises.

  • Get an analysis of your health history and fitness goals.

  • Enjoy a full hour of one-on-one personalized instruction from the owner of MEDStrength.

(Ask all the questions you want, making sure everything works just right for you individually.)

Call now to enroll in the Learning Session, and you'll get 10 additional bonuses worth at total of $303:

» Bonus #1: Explained: Why Slow-Motion Strength Training is THE Way to Exercise DVD video ($47 value)

» Bonus #2: Slow-Motion Strength Training in Practice: Real Workouts DVD video ($47 value)

» Bonus #3: Interviewed: How Slow-Motion Strength Training Benefits You Personally Audio CD ($20 value)

Our one-on-one Learning Session is much more than an ordinary personal training appointment. It’s designed to give you all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to help you get a lean, firm, healthy body that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. And you’ll be able to do it all in just 20 minutes, twice a week!

Once you’ve completed this in-depth Learning Session, you’ll have infinitely increased your knowledge and ability to exercise efficiently. You’ll be in a position to apply the new concepts for yourself in workouts of your own, and/or you’re welcome to accelerate your body’s transformation by enlisting the continued guidance of our expert personal trainers.

It’s a Bargain!

Ordinarily our price for this one-hour Learning Session (including all the educational material) is $150. But for a limited time, we’re offering the whole thing for just $75 (and that includes the $303 worth of DVD’s, books, Fast Fitness at Home Training Manual, and everything else). And, when you sign up for your appointment, you’re not committing to anything other than this single value-packed $75 training session.

We Guarantee You’ll be Delighted

We promise that you’ll love this special one-hour Learning Session, or else you won’t pay for it. After you’re done, if you don’t feel that you’ve learned more about how to exercise efficiently than the sum total of all the fitness information you’ve gained up to this point in your life, just say so and your one-hour session is free. (Because we recognize that you’ve also invested your time with us, you’ll even get to keep the $303 of educational materials that we include.) We’re so confident that you’ll be astonished with the value of what you’ll learn, we’ll pay for the learning session ourselves unless you’re absolutely delighted.

How can we offer so much value for only a $75 investment on your part? Truthfully, after factoring in all of our expenses (including overhead, paying our instructors, as well as the cost of the materials we give you), our company doesn’t make any money from this Learning Session. So why are we essentially giving it away? Because many of the people who come and experience our service for the first time see how much value and enjoyment working with one of our expert trainers can add to their lives. And as a result, we gain some great long-term clients who elect to take advantage of the continued services of our fabulous instructors.

Think of Everything You’ll Gain

You’ll get all the knowledge and tools to reshape and firm your body. You’ll get leaner, firmer, more shapely, and have more energy. You’ll learn how to enjoy vibrant health and well-being for the rest of your life – and it’ll only take you 20 minutes, twice a week. What have you got to lose? This could be the most important $75 that you ever invest in yourself.

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Our certified personal trainers give this Learning Session by appointment only, and we have a limited number of openings available. To make sure you’re able to secure an open time for yourself, don’t delay! Call any of our private studios nationwide to schedule your one-on-one Learning Session.

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