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Here are just a few reasons why South Asheville residents and The Biltmore Company employees think we're the best option in town for achieving their fitness goals:

  • Time.  They're busy. Being able to walk in, perform effective exercise and carry on with the rest of their day without the need to shower or change clothes is nothing short of a miracle.
  • Results. They're smart. They get what they pay for, or they don’t come back. They’ve been coming back since we opened in 2014.
  • Supervision. I'm lazy. You're lazy, We’re all lazy! Supervision ensures you show up and safely do your best.

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There are some other things that make us different from typical Asheville gyms and studios:

  • Privacy. You’re here to take care of you. There is no audience. No competition. No mirrors. No phones. Just you, your instructor and your purpose. “Community” is cool, and something like yoga is a good place for that, but our purpose is very different.
  • Punctuality. We could be the only business in Asheville that runs on time. If your appointment is at 1 p.m., we are setup and waiting for you at 12:55. You walk in, take care of business and walk out in 20 minutes or less.
  • Cleanliness. Our studio is as clean and orderly as my home. It speaks to our attention to detail and insures you'll be comfortable here.
  • Accessibility. Anyone, no matter how young, old, big, small, uncoordinated, or out of shape, can perform our program. It is a simple as push, hold and release. Even joint problems can be overcome.  So, if that’s your excuse, it’s not a good one anymore.

We believe that effective resistance training is something every responsible adult should do to maximize their functional ability, and live as robust and independent a life as possible.

That's why I'm making this special offer to those who have received our postcard:

  • A FREE Initial Consultation. We'll discuss your goals, your commitment to those goals and if our philosophy and recommendations to accomplish your goals are compatible with what you can and are willing to do.
       $70 Value.
  • A FREE Sample Workout and TWO Additional Workouts.  You'll experience how we do things and what it will do for you. You'll feel the improvments immediately. Guaranteed.
       $105 Value
  • A FREE Annual Subscription to our Monthly Newsletter Paradigm-Shift. Each month our newsletter will be mailed to your home full of actionable information that will make your life better.
       $50 Value
  • A FREE Copy of "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes. The best book out there for eating to improve your looks and health.
        $13 Value
  • FREE Weekly Emails on the latest in health, fitness and other information to get the most out of life.

I'm offering this $238 package for FREE because I want to improve the way people age and believe that if you'll try it, you'll like it!

We see people on an individual basis and privately. This means there are only so many working hours in the day so we only have 10 open slots for new members. If this is something you want to investigate further, contact us NOW using the form below  or call 828-545-4074 to make an appoinment.

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