Asheville Personal Training - MEDStrength

 6-Week Strength Builder Program

Imagine taking a few minutes, once a week, to stop by an office to receive hormones that produce a strong, fit, healthy body and then carrying on with the rest of your day.  

That’s what our isometric resistance training system does. It causes your body to release powerful hormones that make your mind, body and health better.

We've modernized the most researched and productive form of resistance training: isometrics.

The calories you burn during typical forms of exercise are insignificant compared to the impact this hormone release has. It builds muscle and strength, elevates calorie burning for hours, even days and sets into motion powerful effects on your body that you can’t get any other way.

Once you make the transformation from thinking exercise is about spending hours a week going through the motions of exercise, to thinking exercise is simply taking a few minutes to produce life, health and energy improving hormones, you’ll choose our program for body and health improvement and do anything else you want for fun.

MEDStrength is a place where science and simplicity meet.

Our purpose is to apply the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) , or the least amount of controlled stress to your body to elicit a response that holistically improves it.

These few seconds of controlled effort stimulates physical, hormonal and mental responses:

  • Your physical responses will be increased muscle mass, increased strength, increased bone density, increased joint stability, reduced blood pressure, increased metabolism and increased endurance. (Winett, Carpinelli, 2001)

  • Your hormonal responses will lead to improved blood sugar management, improved weight management, improved cholesterol ratios, and improved functioning of all the systems of your body. (Winett, Carpinelli, 2001)

  • Your mental responses will be relief of stress, clearer thinking, improved mood, reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety and the confidence that only strength can give you. (Gordon, McDowell, Lyons, Herring, 2017)

Most of our clients have either never done strength training or have never done it with the help of an instructor. Here's...

...The Way It Works.

When you arrive at the studio, everything will be set up and ready for you. You’ll:

  • Perform only 7 essential exercises.

  • Perform each exercise briefly.

  • Perform exercises safely.

  • Perform your exercise privately.

  • Be coached every session.

  • Have your program will managed properly.

  • Not sweat. You can do your session in the same clothes you go to work or spend the day in. No need to change, shower, re-apply makeup or any of the other hassles of traditional exercise.

  • Carry on with the rest of your day.

MEDStrength has been designed to take what has been learned from science and apply it as safely as possible so that anyone, regardless of their age, size, shape or athletic ability can receive in minutes, all the health and quality of life improvements that traditional exercise required hours to obtain.