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Modern Isometrics: The Best Way To Get Strong.

Strength training calls to mind bodybuilders pumping iron - grunting and sweating for hours in pursuit of big arms and bulging pecs.

Modern strength training is about doing just enough to stimulate improvement and getting on with your life.

Isometric exercise is the oldest, most productive and safest form of strength training. It does what we want it to without the hours of sweaty, grunting toil.

It’s easy to do:

Push, hold and release.

70-90 seconds per exercise.

7-8 exercises per training session.

15-minutes total per training session.

That’s all it takes.

If it took more, we’d do more.

But, it doesn’t.

We’ve modernized isometrics by computerizing  and quantifying them so you can see what you are doing in real time, and we can precisely measure what you do.

All guesswork is eliminated.

Progress is managed safely and effectively.

Regardless of your age, size, shape or athletic ability, Modern Isometrics can help you create in minutes all the health and quality of life improvements that traditional strength training requires hours to obtain.

Just 20-minutes a week is all it takes.

Sessions start at $35 each. A real value for private, one-on-one training.

And, the more committed you are, the less each session can be.

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Maureen Muller MEDStrength Personal Training Client
Personal Training Client
Personal Training Client
Personal Training Client
Time is very valuable to me. I have experienced many personal training programs in the past, but none as efficient and effective as MEDStrength’s program. Maureen Brandner

Working with Hugh at MEDStrength is the best thing I could do for me at this stage of life. Caroline Culliton
After 6 years I can say ‘LOUD AND CLEAR’ that this is the best, easiest, and most efficient fitness system that I have ever encountered. Jim Knox

I can schedule my workout time and continue the plans for my day without adding additional time to shower or changing clothes. All of this has made it easier for me to be consistent and disciplined in continuing to exercise." Cindy